Changing Gear: Taking Business Travel in to the 21st Century


If you are a member of our linkedIn group, you will have seen a post shared earlier this year by East Coast trains who worked in alliance with Global Action Plan and a number of other companies to launch the The Rail Partnership, a joint national campaign to challenge the sustainability of business travel in the UK.  

Amtrak signs three year partnership extension

Amtrak, the US national rail carrier, has extended its partnership with SilverRail for a further three years. Under the agreement, SilverRail, the developer of the first global distribution platform specialising in passenger rail, will continue to distribute tickets for Amtrak’s entire network to customers all over the world. Additionally, it will enable the purchase of eTickets for SilverRail’s customers worldwide - an Amtrak innovation with great value to all, particularly corporate travellers.

Trip Friction

For years, travel managers have faced the balancing act of keeping the travellers of their organisation happy whilst at the same time creating efficiencies in their programs to meet the targets imposed on them by their company.  At the recent ITM Conference, Scott Gillespie, Managing Partner at tClara, illustrated how these previously opposing forces could be combined to work in everyone’s favour.

SilverRail raises $40m in funding to advance global rail ticketing

We're extremely excited to announce a new round of additional funding for SilverRail - a $40m Series C investment, led by Mithril Capital, a growth equity investment firm, founded by Peter Thiel and Ajay Royan.  We're looking forward to the coming years while we continue to prove out the thesis that the rail market can be significantly improved through consolidating the technology into a single platform for the distribution of tickets worldwide.


Full press release is below.


SilverRail & Travelsavers team up to offer customers more choice through global rail ticketing

Travelsavers, an international network of over 3,000 independently owned full service travel agencies in 30 countries, will roll out SilverAgent Pro to its team of agents in Ireland and the UK. SilverAgent Pro, SilverRail’s web based booking application, allows Travelsavers’ agents to search, book and pay for domestic and international rail travel for their customers easily and consistently, providing a viable, greener alternative to air travel on many short haul routes.


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