2nd longest train route in Europe opens - Moscow to Paris

I'm not sure what the demand is going to be for this route, but if nothing else it sounds really cool.  A new train route has been announced that is going to link Paris and Moscow on a single service.



The route is slated to take about 38 hours to cover the 3200km and go from Moscow, through Berlin, to finally arrive in Paris. Interestingly, the article states that the route was put in place after the success of Europe's longest route Moscow to Nice!  That is one long train ride!

Trips like this move away entirely from any of the arguments we have made elsewhere on this blog about the advantages of rail, around convenience, cost etc.  This is a pure pleasure trip, to take advantage of the comfort and just enjoy the ride.  These are along the same lines as the California Zephyr or perhaps the old Trans-Siberian Railway which really take advantage of the mystique and glamour of train travel.  For us train geeks here at SilverRail, a great way to spend your time.