Aaron Gowell, SilverRail CEO, named in top 25 influential people in business travel

This afternoon, Business Travel News has announced its annual list of the "Most Influencial Executives of 2011" in Business Traval, and Aaron Gowell, our co-founder and CEO of SilverRail Technologies was named on the list!

It is quite an eclectic list of people, including people from major travel organizations (like the GDSs), major Corporates (like Kraft Foods and ING), and also other travel companies (including Concur on the technology side and Avis and United on the supplier side); all of whom have had some form of positive impact on the world of corporate travel in the last 12 months.

It is always great to have SilverRail be recognized on lists like this, as it continues to strengthen our message around the ease of rail travel, and the benefits of having the booking process integrated into the tools that travellers use to book their other travel products.  

Congratulations Aaron.  This may be the last time he gets to get featured on a list alongside Steve Jobs!