Italy unveils new 'Ferrari' high-speed trains - TheAge

There was an article recently that highlighted some of the new trains that Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV), the new Italian train service branded as Italo were going to be using.  The train line is part owned by Ferrari and you can certainly see a hint of the cars in the newly released trains, they look pretty cool.

NTV Train - ItaloThe article also highlights some of the cool features of the new rail service that is going to be available at some point at the beginning of this year (the article lists March this year as the launch date).

Some of the features of the trains include a cinema car and "tunnel-proof" wireless internet.  The trains will run at speeds up to 300 kph and are due to cover two key routes: one from Turin to Salerno, via, Milan, Rome and Naples, and the other connecting Venice and Rome.

These trains are going to be a great addition to the Italy travel market, and it will be a very interesting study on deregulation to see how the new service holds up against the incumbent TrenItalia.