James Harland featured in #100Days100Brits by UK Trade and Investment of Boston

It is definitely a lot easier for me to write these when it is Aaron or Will or one of the other guys on the team being featured.  It feels a little cheesey coming from me, but anyway...

The UK Trade and Investment Office in Boston is an organization that promotes business ties between businesses in New England and businesses in the UK.  For SilverRail, with offices in Boston and London, we are right in their target group, and they helped us out when we were first setting up in the UK.

In honor of the Olympics coming up in London this summer, they are running a campaign to promote 100 Days of 100 Brits doing business or operating in Boston, and I came up!  At some point before the Olympics, you'll see my wife featured on the list as well.

Judging from the list of Brits they have featured so far, it appears that Boston-based Brits are perhaps the most over educated folks on the planet!