Top 4 most interesting proposed high speed rail routes in Europe

Part 2 of Abigail Carlson's Future of High Speed Rail Series.  Enjoy!

Sitting in a high speed train, you might notice an interesting phenomenon as you look out the window. Instead of distinguishing the normal features of the outdoors, you see an amalgam of blue hues at the top of your window, and a mish-mash of greens and browns at the bottom. Credit it to the fact that you are traveling about 300km/h. Before the first high speed rail line opened in France 30 years ago, who would have ever guessed? But the industry continues to grow steadily, taking the world of transport by storm.

The sexy trains of tomorrow... floating, solar, unstoppable?

Over the summer, we had an intern join us in our London office to help us crystalize our vision around the future of the rail industry, over the course of the next decade.  Abigail Carlson, is now in her final year of studying for a degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics, and she did some great research on trends in the rail ticketing market, the planned high-speed rail routes across the globe, and also, the future of trains themselves.  Below is part 1 of a 2-part series on what passengers can expect as train technology moves into the 21st (and 22nd) century.

Thanks again Abigail!  Excellent work.


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