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Experts in travel and technology, the SilverRail leadership team comprises top travel ecommerce experts whose history goes back to the founding days of online travel.

  • Aaron Gowell

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Will Phillipson

    Co-Founder & President

  • Asad Khan

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Cameron Jones

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • James Harland

    COO / CFO

  • Alain van West

    Vice President,
    Business Development

  • Francis Lee

    Vice President,
    Service Delivery

  • Our Investors
  • Aaron Gowell, Co-Founder & CEO

    Prior to founding SilverRail in 2009, Aaron built one of the largest travel technology and distribution companies in the US: National Leisure Group (NLG), a $1 Billion ecommerce leader in vacations & cruise.

    NLG pioneered several early online travel technologies including the cruise industry's first online booking platform and one of the first dynamic packaging systems .

    Previously, Aaron honed his survival skills in US Army's 82nd Airborne and at global management consultancy Bain & Company. Aaron was also a founding member of General Catalyst Partners, a leading venture capital firm in Boston where he was most recently an Entrepreneur in Residence.

    Claim to Fame: One of the lowest-recorded combat parachute jumps in military history - from 300 feet, at night, into Panama.

  • Will Phillipson, Co-Founder & President

    Will is the co-founder of SilverRail Technologies and driver behind SilverRail’s product. Will brings 15 years of travel technology and product experience in a number of successful companies. Prior to co-founding SilverRail, Will was the VP Product Strategy and technical lead for distribution platforms at ITA Software, which involved building a next-generation GDS platform for airline distribution, and advising on aspects of ITA’s forthcoming Airline Reservation, Inventory and re-accommodation Systems.

    Prior to the travel industry, Will started several companies focusing on document management, documents on demand and eventually digital rights management. Will has a computer engineering degree from McGill University and has served on various boards, including the Board of Governors of McGill University.

    Claim to Fame: First solo airline trip to South Africa — at age 5. Since then he has circumnavigated this planet several times.

  • Asad Khan, Chief Technology Officer

    Asad has spent 23 years building and delivering cutting-edge technology products in numerous marketplaces.

    Before joining SilverRail, Asad led the n2NCommerce engineering team that delivered and achieved acceptance of its hosted Retail Platform at Victoria's Secret for their $1 Billion+ eCommerce operations.

    In other prior stints, Asad led the team that built and delivered the first Verilog HDL based logic simulator at Gateway Design Automation (Cadence Design Systems), worked on the world's first professional Video Editing system on Microsoft Windows NT (Avid Media Composer) and led the development of ePrise's innovative unified Enterprise CMS for Intranets that is still installed at 200+ enterprises.

    Claim to Fame: Took a 1500-mile rail trip in the very first year of his life, obviously in preparation for this stint with SilverRail.

  • Cameron Jones, Chief Commercial Officer

    In the role of Chief Commercial Officer, Cameron is responsible for business development and commercialising SilverCore, SilverRail’s global rail platform that provides corporate and leisure travel sellers access to multiple rail carriers by connecting via a single API.

    Prior to joining SilverRail, Cameron spent 8 years at Expedia Inc. During his tenure with Expedia he held a number of positions in Asia Pacific and Europe focusing on both Supplier Relations and B2B Distribution. Most recently Cameron led business development for EMEA for Expedia’s Affiliate Network.

    Cameron also served on the board of directors of Nasdaq-listed eLong, Inc., a leading online travel provider in China from 2004 to 2007.

    Before joining Expedia, Cameron was an independent consultant with key customers including Hilton, Starwood and Intercontinental Hotel Group. Cameron also spent 5 years at Starwood Hotels in multiple roles, most recently as director of ebusiness for Asia Pacific.

    Claim to Fame: Cameron was one of the last few passengers to ride on top of the Devil’s Nose Railway in Ecuador before it was discontinued for safety fears.

  • James Harland, COO / CFO

    In his wide-ranging role at SilverRail, James is responsible for the business operations of SilverRail, including finance and accounting, strategic and financial planning, corporate development and human resources.

    From his time working in London, James brings a wealth of strategic and financial experience to SilverRail. James began his career in consulting, working on a number of pan-European growth and distribution strategies, for the Sequoia Partnership, and KPMG. He then moved to ECI Partners, working as a private equity investor, including assessing a number of online travel businesses.

    James holds engineering degrees from Cambridge University and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, where he was a Siebel Scholar and Seley Award winner.

    Follow him on Twitter here

    Claim to Fame: James was once chased by water buffalo on the Tanzanian plains, and therefore does not recommend the walking safari option.

  • Alain van West, Vice President, Business Development

    In the role of Vice President, Business Development, Alain oversees and manages the relationships with all the rail carriers globally, and also will represent SilverRail Technologies at important governing bodies for rail.

    Prior to joining SilverRail, Alain has worked for 3 of the major TMCs in senior leadership roles, has also spent time working for 2 major airlines, and led the international sales and distribution team at Eurostar.

    Alain is also very active with trade related associations and bodies. He is Franco-Belgian and speaks 4 languages.

    Claim to Fame: Alain is a keen rugby player, and despite his body not having been built for endurance, he completed the London marathon in 2009, as part of a team that generated over $100K for a well known charity.

  • Francis Lee, Vice President, Service Delivery

    In his role as Vice-President, Service Delivery, Francis oversees all aspects of Implementation, Product Support and Service Management for the full range of SilverRail Products.

    Francis joined SilverRail in 2013 with the acquisition of the Jeppesen Journey Planning business. At Jeppesen, Francis ran business units encompassing the company’s activities in the rail and postal logistics industries. His involvement with rail journey planning and ticketing goes back to 1998. Working for Capgemini, he oversaw the creation of the first optimisation engine in the UK rail industry which could support a fully-automated ticket retailing process. The software would later drive the and National Rail Enquiries websites.

    Francis previously worked as a consultant in a variety of industries creating complex decision support systems.

    Claim to Fame: Francis believes he is the only person to have scored a goal like Robin van Persie’s “unique” diving header for Holland in the 2014 World Cup against Spain. Aged 16 – school football match. Actually, Francis’ goal was better.

  • Our Investors

    SilverRail is backed by top-tier investors with highly relevant experience in travel technology.

    SilverRail resides in investment portfolios alongside some of the industry’s top travel brands.