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SilverRail connects the world of rail, making train tickets as easy to book as airline tickets.  That’s no small feat, but it’s this universal complexity in booking rail that inspired us to create an innovative solution for the travel industry: SilverCore.

SilverCore is the world’s most comprehensive global rail distribution platform, efficiently bringing railways and travel retailers together in a beneficial relationship for all.


SilverCore is a conduit for railways to gain greater access to the world’s business and leisure travellers alike. Railways quickly realise the benefits from SilverRail’s multiple distribution channels:

  • Travel Management Companies
  • Online Booking Tools
  • Global Distribution Systems
  • Airline/Other Railway booking channels
  • Travel Meta-Search Sites
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Tour Operators

Travel Retailers

For travel retailers, technology is no longer a barrier with SilverRail’s end-to-end solution: SilverCore. From rail search, to ticketing and fulfilment, SilverCore provides ready access to the world’s railways, allowing train ticket bookings anytime, from anywhere and in multiple currencies.

One Easy Connection

The secret of SilverRail’s solution is that we’ve created a method to eliminate the complexity of rail.  In fact, we make it very easy to connect to multiple railways and in multiple global markets at the same time.

Through a single intelligent API, our ‘SilverAPI’ provides full integration of rail into existing booking platforms and/or websites. We also provide a web-based agent booking application ‘SilverAgent’ as a turn-key solution for call centres and travel retail shops.

The Products – More details

SilverAPI (Web Services XML API)

Through a single connection, SilverRail’s API delivers access to all of today’s connected railways and all of the connected railways in the future. Similar to booking a flight, the user-friendly interface is designed to provide standardised queries and responses across all global markets. Because the API is data driven, our partners may build a truly dynamic integration without the need for inflexible hard coding. Servicing multiple markets is easy, as SilverAPI provides full end-to-end booking services: search, book, cancel, payment & ticketing.  Further, SilverAPI is backwards compatible and updated every 4 weeks with new functionality; this allows us to quickly respond to partner requests.

SilverAgent: (Web-Based Agent Application)

The SilverAgent application is designed for a professional user and its enhanced functionality allows for prompt customer service. It is designed for both mobile and computer interfaces.

SilverAgent Lite: Our free web-based application delivers Travel Management Companies access to live reservations made through our Online Booking Tool partners.  This tool allows agents to cancel and refund applicable bookings as well as the option to resend confirmation and ticketing emails.

SilverAgent Pro: A web-based application for travel professionals, leveraging the SilverRail web service to provide staff with a web interface to search, book, pay, ticket & modify SilverRail's global rail content easily & consistently.

Want to know more? Watch our SilverAgent video below or contact us by clicking here

Full Online / Offline Integration

SilverCore is the heart of Online & Offline harmonisation. All SilverRail online bookings can also be accessed offline and vice versa: any bookings created offline via an agent call centre can be accessed online via their Online Booking Tool.

One example is below (sample only: not a full customer list of SilverRail).