Electronic tickets now available on Amtrak

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We are delighted to confirm that over the last few months, companies powering their Amtrak connection through SilverRail have been enabling the ability for customers to choose electronic tickets for their rail journeys in the USA. “Over recent months, Amtrak customers have realised the flexibility and efficiency of eTickets. This has revolutionised the ticketing model and reset expectations of train travellers. Amtrak is pleased to have worked with SilverRail to extend this capability to our travel agent partners, enabling them to provide a higher level of service to their customers.” said Amy Freckmann, Senior Director, Amtrak Sales and Reservations Systems.

The SilverRail platform allows bookings for all connected rail carriers to be made close to the departure time, as we have either electronic ticketing or collection at ticket machines available.  As well as being more efficient for the traveller, the ability for last minute bookings to be made with a business’ preferred corporate travel provider, means that Travel Managers can utilse the data to support the duty of care obligations to their staff.

Here’s what a couple of our customers had to say about this news:

“Deem®, a leading cloud commerce company delivering Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) to a large and diverse ecosystem of customers, merchants, and partners is happy to announce a new enhancement when booking Amtrak through the Deem@Work product suite. Travellers can now select an eTicket as a delivery method, plus for added flexibility, the ticket details will be available on mobile devices, simply open the document from an email and present it to the conductor.  

For the traveller, this enhancement delivers time savings and increased productivity through a more convenient method of accessing Amtrak. No more rushing to a kiosk while running for the train when using Deem@Work. Businesses gain deeper insight into transactions and spend, by bringing this service into their Managed Travel Program.” 

For more information on the Deem@Work product suite, please click here.

GetThere provides a policy-wrapped, user-friendly booking platform for travelers and travel arrangers on desktops and notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Our customers are among some of the world’s most recognizable brands and include a majority of the BTN 100. They rely on us to be a strategic partner, streamline processes, improve supplier and contract management, and drive adoption, policy compliance and savings.  

Convenience has become an expectation for business travelers, and Amtrak eTicketing is a great example,” said Jeanne Long, GetThere Director of Product Marketing. “It’s a hugely beneficial feature that we are excited to add to Rail Connect, which offers a robust set of rail options globally. It’s at the heart of what we want to deliver for our customers”

Click here for more information on the GetThere Connect product.

Do you travel frequently on Amtrak?  What difference will this enhancement make to you?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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