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With imminent plans to launch a rail-ticket service in the UK – powered by SilverRail

Rail is the fastest growing travel sector in Europe, that’s according to Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company. And, as exposed in a recent article published in the Financial Times, Expedia has grand plans to tap into the sector and revolutionise rail travel with the launch of an international train ticket-booking service – powered by SilverRail.

FT reveals Expedia’s ambition to revolutionise rail travelFrom Autumn 2016, Expedia will use SilverRail’s technology platform (SilverCore) to launch a rail-ticket service in the UK, with the aim of expanding it to Germany, the rest of Europe and the US shortly after.

Within the article, Dara Khosrowshahi, Chief Executive of Expedia stated that the company is investing a “considerable amount” in its new rail business because it is a “major market with few global competitors, which we think translate into a material opportunity.” Adding that rail “is gaining importance all around the world and for us it is an additional way in which we get more touch points with our customers.”

Expedia is attempting to build a global service, with rail tickets sold alongside international flights and hotel stays, hoping to “upsell” alternative travel options to customers, as they attempt to own every leg of a traveller’s journey.

Greg Schulze, a senior vice-president at Expedia, said: “Our expectation is that we will, in 2017, have a rail product that covers multiple train operators in multiple countries. The big rail markets in Europe are top of the list.”

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