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At SilverRail, we’re entering the next phase of our business as we transition beyond product/market fit and into growth mode.    Shifting into a new phase is an exhilarating time as the organization experiences rapid growth to support increased demand and opportunities.    At the same time, this transition can be stressful as teams need to operate outside of their comfort zone to deliver capabilities that drive the next generation of the business.  During periods of change like this, transparency across three key areas is critical to success:

  1. Define the Vision, Embrace the Journey

Move beyond documenting the BHAG – ensure priorities and market drivers are clearly understood and repeat them constantly.  Establish outlets for open feedback, and most importantly, act on it.  Dare your teams to “think big”, and celebrate feeling “uncomfortably excited” by fostering an environment that thrives on short learning cycles, adaptability, critical thinking, and team-driven actions.

  1. Align the Culture

Build trust by continuing to demonstrate that core values are more than words on the wall.  Practice humility, and openly recognize and reflect on actions that are aligned and misaligned.  Inspire teams to challenge the status quo and provide them with the time they need to achieve their goals.  Avoid magical thinking and unfocused side projects that will only result in frustration.

  1. Remember the Basics

Recognize that organizations serve to deliver both value to customers and grow people in their careers.  Discuss the realities of scaling beyond the point where everyone can be in every meeting, and establish clear communication paths that support decentralized decision making.  Provide clarity in roles and ensure career progression is aligned to the business objectives, and follow through with tools and training.

We’re working hard at scaling our organization and providing transparency along the way.  With the success of our foundational years and the backing of Expedia, Inc., one of the world’s leading travel companies, it’s a very exciting time here at SilverRail.  Want to be a part of an organization that’s changing the future of rail?  Love being Uncomfortably Excited?  We’re hiring, come join our team!

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