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In our latest blog, Andrew Miller, VP of Engineering at SilverRail shares his insight for empowering people in order to drive an organisation’s velocity. With over 20 years of experience in building high performing teams and innovative SaaS solutions, Andrew has a wealth of experience in this area, and so we are excited to have him on board and benefit from his experience.

The key to Next-Level Velocity – By Andrew Miller

At SilverRail we’re rapidly expanding our Product Delivery teams and are working to transform the way we work.  Scaling organisations through this type of growth requires careful attention to our core principals and the way we value our teams to work.

Unfortunately, all too often, as organisations grow, departments begin to operate in silos and are plagued by inefficiencies that kill morale and grind product delivery to a halt. From past experience, I’ve learned that the key to achieving next-level delivery velocity, is an environment in which empowered employees to thrive, and that requires leadership focus across three key areas.

3 Top Tips for Empowering your People

  1. Hire smart people and get out of the way

Leverage lean and agile methodologies to remove organisational barriers that result in waste.  Establish small teams with ownership and accountability from idea to delivery.  Encourage teams to leverage the best technology and processes to maximise delivery of value to the business -avoid one size fits all models that cater to the average and give teams access to tools and resources they need to succeed.

  1. Establish a culture of continuous improvement

Embrace rapid learning through shorter cycles and continuous delivery pipelines.  Encourage teams to identify impediments and allow for time and assistance to get them resolved.  Leverage the aggregation of marginal gains to receive exponential returns with minimal investment.

  1. Optimise for the system

Establish mechanisms for transparency of the portfolio, risks and alignment to ensure that teams are optimizing for the throughput of the system and not any one individual part.  Minimise short term actions that impact long term velocity and tackle technical debt that has the potential to expand.  Measure everything and establish a core set of KPIs that drive to the largest gains in velocity.

When done right, operating at internet scale can create an environment where groups of ‘critical thinkers’ start each, and every day, excited about working together to make the world a better place for themselves and their customers.

Do you like getting stuff done?  We’re looking for people who share our core values in our mission to power global rail.  Across our offices in Boston, Stockholm, Brisbane, and London we are passionate about fostering an environment that empowers the members of our teams – check out our career page and join our team!

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