Webservices Agent Tool

One Interface. Everything You Need
Plan, book, pay, modify and ticket. Manage all your rail bookings from our simple, easy-to-use web application. Powered by our global platform, this agent tool is what modern rail has been waiting for. Efficient and powerful, it’s your real-time window to every route, price and timetable.
Duty Of Care
When you absolutely need to know where your travelers are at any time, our tool provides full, instant visibility into your rail passengers’ journeys. Query by name, ticket number, rail station or geographic location and any rail itinerary that may be heading for trouble. With SilverAgent, Duty of Care just a click away.
A Consistent Workflow
Manage multiple bookings from multiple carriers in multiple currencies – all from one easy-to-use interface. We’ve streamlined the cumbersome process of booking rail tickets so that you can get more done in less time than ever before.
Access Local Content
We’ve built our platform and web application to give you a view of travel content that’s as granular as you need it to be. You’ll be able to access local fares, offers and discounts from the same interface for every country you’re booking in.
Time Efficient
We work closely with agents to make sure our tool makes the booking and managing experience very efficient. We provide support materials and videos to enable fast and scalable training. New users can be up and running in under 30 minutes.
Visibility Of Spend
API integrations are supported by our agent tool and offer one place for your travellers to book rail. The use of central billing, corporate credit cards or custom identifiers enables visibility on that overall rail spend.