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Travelling in and around cities is a challenge enough for anyone, even the competent city dwellers and regular commuters. But for tourists it’s even more complicated – they need to see all the iconic attractions, and yet have only so much time to do it. And that’s before they even start trying to work out how to get from each attraction to the next.

Day Tripper has been designed to help tourists in London by building a custom travel itinerary based on trip duration and location, and ensures they get to see the most popular tourist attractions – all on the most optimum route possible.

The app is based on an algorithm that uses the coordinates of the most popular tourist attractions (ranked by the number of Facebook check-ins), and public transport data and travel times across London, whilst considering a multitude of parameters, such as distance between attractions and visiting time required for each.

Day Tripper was designed by two of our interns – Matilda Hickey and Rosie Harris – who are both currently studying at the University of Queensland School of Mathematics and Physics, and recently completed a Summer Industry Experience Program with our Brisbane team in Australia.


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