Search, Split Ticketing & Journey Planning

Great customer relationships start here. Find out how we can help you deliver a great journey planning, split ticketing or search experience, making booking tickets the obvious next step.

Making journey planning simple

The challenge of getting from A to B is rarely as easy as any of us would like. With multiple options of routes, zones, ticket promotions and even operators, giving customers a simple, intuitive journey planning solution is complicated.

But it’s not impossible.

SilverRail has decades of experience in developing journey planning solutions. So we know a thing or two about delivering exactly the fast, accurate search and planning solution passengers want. In fact, we were the first to offer a Split Ticketing solution to UK rail operators and retailers.

Fast by default

We understand that for internet-savvy customers, speed is king. So we ensure our solutions are lightning fast and highly accurate. It means passengers can get the information they need and get on with booking their tickets.

More than search

We go beyond simple journey planning, using our smart algorithm to tailor results to individual customers’ needs. And we extend this into powering calendar search and best fare finder capabilities. It enables passengers to save money and operators to maximise utilisation.

Built for a multi-modal world

Of course, unless a customer’s final destination is close to a station, many trips will span multiple modes of transport. So our solution is truly multi-modal – passengers can start on foot or use a bike to get to the station, take the train for the bulk of their journey and then jump on a bus for the final stretch.

Simply, with Journey Planning and Search from SilverRail, your services will be the natural choice.

Client example

Helping LNER deliver next-gen search

LNER, a UK Train Operating Company, prides itself on delivering the very best experience in train travel at every step of the customer journey, which is why they’ve turned to SilverRail to power their super fast calendar search and split ticketing, helping passengers choose the right journey for their needs.


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